Download League Of Legends for Windows

Download League Of Legends for Windows

League Of Legends, regularly abbreviated in Lol, is one of the most essential free MOBA on the market. In this online battle arena, two teams of five players face off and each team’s goal is to bring down the opposing structure called Nexus.

Before going into battle, you must choose your champion from the hundred available with the money won in game knowing that the game offers a selection of ten free champions to discover each week. On the battlefield, your champion gains levels throughout the fight, increasing his life points, mana and spells.

League Of Legends has three main game modes with their own card. The Normal mode, classic of the MOBA opposes two teams of 3 or 5 players, the Dominion mode is based on a capture of objectives while the ARAM mode for All Random All Mid, offers a selection of champion imposed, the impossibility of regaining life and only one way on the map to get to the opposing Nexus.

Perfect to start in the field of MOBA, League Of Legends provides a tutorial in French to learn the basics and mechanics of the game. A cooperative mode against AI is ideal to continue learning the many tactics and subtleties of the game. The most experienced players will find their account with the tournaments and games as well as with the many events organized.

Finally, the League Of Legends graphics are a great success, the cartoon atmosphere and the magical effects of each character are of quality and show off during the fights. The soundtrack is also finished thanks to the rich French dubbing and which promises very funny replicas.

Download League Of Legends for Windows

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